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Welcome to the lac de l’Orignal Homeowners Association website!

The lac de l’Orignal Homeowners Association is a non-profit organization whose patent letters were issued by the Inspector General of Financial Institutions of Quebec, under the Companies Act, on September 11, 1992 under registration number 2962-5100. The association aims to bring together all waterfront property owners and property owners near the lake who hold a notarized right of way.

Since the early 1990s, the homeowners’ association of lac de l’Orignal has been working to promote lifestyles that respect the natural character of the area and invite owners to participate in recreational and sports activities that respect the environment.

The lac de l’Orignal association is made up of volunteers and, with the support of its members, is also involved in issues concerning the collective rights of its owners.

The Association

Who can become a member?

The Association has only one category of members, namely active members. Any person who is a waterfront owner or owner near the lake who holds a notarized right of way to go to Lac de l’Orignal can become an active member of the Association by obtaining a membership card from a member of the board of directors. Only members in good standing or a designated person with a proxy can exercise their right to vote during the annual general meeting (limit of one member per property).

  • Membre in good standing: A member in good standing is a member who has paid his annual dues.

Why pay your annual dues?

To ensure that a competent team of a dedicated Board of Directors:

  • works to maintain the quality of your lake water and the value of your property by performing periodic tests;
  • adequately informs new residents with the new resident guide;
  • ensures respect for the quality of life of our community.

The annual dues for the 2023-2024 season are $25

Board of Directors

The lac de l’Orignal Homeowners Association is administered by a Board of Directors, all chosen from members in good standing. Board members are elected for two years at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Half of the members of the Board of Directors are elected each year. Normally, nominations will be made at the annual general meeting. In the event that the future candidate plans not to be present at the general meeting, his nomination must be signed by at least three members in good standing and be presented to the secretary of the general meeting.

As worded in its Statutes and Regulations, the mandates of the Board of Directors of the Association are as follows:

  • Periodically update the statutes and regulations of the Association;
  • Adopt the annual activity report prepared by the president;
  • Adopt the annual financial report prepared by the treasurer;
  • Adopt an annual action plan and a budgetary action plan;
  • Ensure, during the formation of committees, the participation of at least one member of the Board of Directors on each committee;
  • See to the good administration of the Association;
  • Decide on the appointments it deems appropriate in terms of representation and delegation;
  • Decide on the direction and position of the Association on emerging issues;
  • Accept application for membership in the Association

Board of Directors 2023-2024

Jean Côté, president
374 Route 309, Val-des-Bois 
Denis Bénac, vide-president
344 Chemin du lac de l’Orignal, Val-des-Bois
Lucie Smith, secretary
344 Chemin du lac de l’Orignal, Val-des-Bois
Bernard Bourdeau, Treasurer
372 Route 309, Val-des-Bois
Henry Patterson, Director Chemin Lépine sector
206 Chemin Lépine, Val-des-Bois
Jean-Frédéric Potvin, Director Chemin Gagnon sector
168 Chemin Gagnon, Val-des-Bois
Nöel Cantin, Director Montée des Amis sector
145 Montée des Amis, Val-des-Bois

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together property owners along lac de l’Orignal and those with a right of way and protect their interests.

The Lac de l’Orignal is healthy and its homeowner’s association is doing everything possible to ensure that lake residents, permanent and seasonal, can enjoy it for a long time to come. It recalls these four principles:

  • Living by the water is a privilege.
  • A lake is a complex and fragile ecosystem.
  • The water of the lake is a collective natural heritage and all users are its protectors.
  • Good neighborliness is based on respect for others by everyone.

The Association pursues the following goals:

  • Reinforce the sense of belonging of the owners;
  • Defend and promote the interests of its members;
  • Facilitate communication between owners by disseminating information online (on this website or Facebook page) or by mail and through recreational activities;
  • Make owners aware of their rights, obligations and responsibilities;
  • Promote respect for the environment and good living habits of local residents as described in the New Resident Guide;
  • Ensure that the environmental and conservation measures of the lake and its surroundings are respected by residents and users.